Frequently asked questions

1. Translation of your passport (3 copies)

This step should take one day. With the passport translation, we will go to the tax office to apply for your Tax ID Code.

2. Request and be issued a Ukrainian tax code

This usually takes around four additional days.

You're required to have an address in Ukraine.

Alternatively, we can provide you with an official address.

(+/- 200$ per year - NOT INCLUDED in this offer).

When the tax ID is ready, we start the company registration.

You'll choose the company's name and main activity. We provide legal information on that matter.

For the company's first 15 days, an assigned person will be the company's director.

(By law, you cannot be the company's director before getting the work permit).

3. Creation and registration of the company

This includes the company's address for the first year. - It takes one additional day to process.

After registering the company, we will submit the documents to obtain a 3-years work permit, necessary to acquire the Resident Permit. It takes five additional days.


Later on, you may find an alternative address or keep the existing at an additional cost of $140 per year.

Your personal address and the company's address can NOT be the same.

4. Create and be issued the official company's stamp

This stamp will be used for company documents.

5. Initiate the 3-year work permit process

We will begin processing all the above steps.

6. Get health insurance to cover the 3-years Visa period

Valid health insurance is required for the duration of your Visa.

7. Have a COVID-19 insurance policy

Since the global pandemic, it has become a requiste to have COVID-19 specifc medical insurance (this is included as part of step 6) in order for foriegners and Ukrainian citizens to legally cross the border into Ukraine.

8. Preparation of all the necessary documents required for your Visa-D

We will prepare the complete set of documents, and we book your appointment at your chosen Ukrainian Embassy to in-person receive your visa-D-04.

Examples: In Krakow (Poland), within 5 hours between submitting the documents and receiving the Visa-D.

It takes one, two, or five days in other countries, which oblige you to a more extended stay.

9. Travel to your nearest Ukrainian Embassy to obtain your Visa-D-4

The visa-D-04 document has to be paid in-person at the Embassy, and it is not included in this offer.

Usually, the cost of the Visa-D is approximately 200$. For UK passport holders, the price is 750$ (the cost of your visa will be dependant on your country and any reciprocal fees between Ukraine and that country).

10. On returning to Ukraine, we'll take you to apply for the 3-year Resident Visa

Back in Kyiv, after you received your Visa-D-04, you need to go to the immigration office, and in-person apply for the 3-years Resident Permit. It takes an additional 15/20 working days.

You must be present as the immigration services will collect your fingerprints and electronic photo.

After receiving the residence permit, you'll have 30 days to register your living address. – a private Rental agreement signed between you and your landlord to present at the local chamber house.

Failure to register on time will incur a fine.

11. Changing the company's director

We'll change the director, and you will officially become your company's director.

12. Open a bank account for the company and yourself

Collect bank electronic keys and tax program

Your presence is required, and we will accompany you to the bank.